QueensCurryKitchen's Philosophy

My focus as a chef is to demystify Indian food so that you can easily embrace those flavors and recreate them in your own kitchen.

Food invites conversation at the dinner table and even a simple meal of rice and lentils is capable of helping you to reclaim the family dinner table for a great finishing touch to your day.

I have been cooking and teaching my skills for over a decade but only just wrote my first book “The vegan Indian home” (2018 release)
To encourage people to embrace flavors, I do cooking demos and talks on various aspects of Indian cuisine at vegan fairs, industry gatherings, and health seminars.

My next book “Immigrant Food Stories of Queens“ ,revolves around the food ethnic communities in Queens continue to make and eat in their homes as a way to preserve their heritage while making a new identity for themselves as immigrants in America.

Do contact me if you re interested in being featured as one of those families, I would love to connect with you!

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